Webhosting service

If you plan to get or change your webhost I could really recommend the webhost I'm using - Oderland AB. It's a Swedish webhost, but I know they'll accept customers from outside Sweden. You can get anything from a shared or dedicated server, managed hosting, VPS, SSD cloud server etc.

To move an existing Wordpress blog they have a great tool for that. You can read more about it on their site. The site is in Swedish, but Google translates it quite good. For any questions - contact them by email. The support is great, fast and they're really nice and friendly.

Please, use my affiliate link when you sign up. It would mean a lot to me if you do. It's not that much, but we get a small discount upon next bill. As being more or less unemployed, it's all those small things that makes life easier.

Prices are listed in Swedish (SEK), but it's about $9,-/m. All great software, 1-click installers, great backup tools, git etc. They use cPanel as interface.

Thank you!

· Eric